The Mode During the New Year Holidays in 2016

Attention! In the period from 8 to 23 February 2016 because of the New Year celebrations in China, the orders will not be completed. Accepting applications for this period is not ceased, all the received orders will be shipped immediately after the holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Welcome Winter'2015

New positions - 2015'Winter - lower prices for wholesale
Good day to everyone. We went out after a long break and are happy to present new items - NESS-040C5MN-0185F-MN-018FDU-PB22SDB-0065FSDB-006. Also announcing a price reduction for wholesale on most products.

New positions!

New positions!
Dear customers, we inform you of new products. Product samples can be ordered at a price of $300 for 50g.
All the details via our contact form.

Fall 2013 - 40% discount from 1 kg

Action super price 500 came to an end. We are pleased to announce that from the beginning of September, we will start a new campaign on the weight of 1 kg - 40% discount. This offer will be valid also for a month until the end of September. Catch to the number of delivered goods on the restricted shares. Each customer can redeem this offer once. Full details of our operators via the feedback form.

Super Price for 500g!

We are opening a super price for the products AB-FUBINACA, AB-PINACA, PV-8 for the position of 500g! Offer is valid for August.
Safe shipping method EMS, Fedex, UPS (Shipping with China).
This offer is limited.